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Cryptocurrency is one of the most revolutionized forms of currency in the modern era of science and technology. Many people in developing countries are still unaware of the facts of digital currency (Crypto Markets). They don’t have any information about the working of cryptocurrency and how this system of the transaction is better than our traditional system of exchanging in which there is some involvement of a centralized body. In this, others discuss the cryptocurrency markets. Many countries of the world which include China, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Russia are working as a domain for crypto currency. Digital currency is one of the most prevailing concepts out there. 

Market Size:

The global cryptocurrency market size was estimated to be 1.49 billion dollars in the year 2020 and it is estimated to reach its peak value by the year 2025. Crypto markets are not similar to our traditional markets because cryptocurrency holders exchange currency digitally and powerful computers work as a medium of exchange between two parties. Unlike the ordinary market system, Crypto markets do not require much space and time and it carries out transactions more quickly and effectively all over the world.

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The richest person in the world started their transactions through cryptocurrencies because it is free from a large number of taxes. A crypto asset is firstly earned with local currency and then cryptocurrency investors directly earn profit from their investment. There are more than 200 cryptocurrencies available in the digital markets; only 10-20 currencies hold great importance in the markets. Cryptocurrency markets are run on a network of computers. An increase in the need for an effective financial payment system, increase in data security and improved markets caps are the most contributing factors in the development of cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrencies Markets Working

Cryptocurrency markets work based on region, user, offering, process, and type. By offering it is divided into two parts of our digital technology i.e. Hardware and software. Software form is further segregated into ASIC, FPGA, and GPU. Based on the process it is divided into mining and transaction. By region, it is widely spread to all continents of Asia, Africa, America, and Europe. By the user side, it is further distributed into trading, retail, E-commerce, banking, and others. By type, it includes different types of coins i.e. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple and Finance, USD, USD.

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The hardware part acquired a large portion of the cryptocurrency market because it needed to be improved to work with the advancement of technology for its efficient working. The software part is considered of great importance because it manages a large volume of digital currency in it and the upcoming years it is expected to grow at a rapid rate. Developing countries offer many opportunities to their stakeholders to expand their business through cryptocurrency transactions and investment. Many digital technologies like Blockchain and IoT also provide many opportunities to developing nations. 

 Cryptocurrency markets are expected to grow at 12.8 percent at Cumulative Annual Growth rate (CAGR) from 2020 to 2030. More than two-thirds of the Cryptocurrency industry is deflected towards mining. The transaction portion will grow at a rapid rate in upcoming years as cryptography receives its global approval in the future. The best example is that cryptocurrency is growing at the fastest rate in the Asia-Pacific region. Because of its increasing competition from the growing number of exchanges between individuals.

Cryptocurrency Coins

In Cryptocurrencies, trading is done through buying and selling digital coins with PKR, INR, dollars, and pounds. The most important coins are Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETC), Binance Coin (BNB), Cardano (ADA), Tether (USD), and Solana (SOL). Bitcoin is the pioneer in the world of cryptocurrency. The value of Bitcoin in the current era is enormous. Bitcoin is not like the ordinary coin of our local currency it is more worthy than it. In developed countries, many central banks have approved transactions in 16 different Cryptocurrencies i.e. 

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China, Philippines, etc. Many local shops and other markets allow the exchange in the cryptocurrency and allow its users to effectively buy and sell through cryptocurrencies. These people do not rely on banks to verify transactions; instead, they do so with a peer-to-peer transaction system that enables users to send and receive payment from anywhere else in the world.

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